Who We Are

About Us

The Successful Collaboration of Partners + Entrepreneurs’ (“SCOPE”) was born out of the idea that entrepreneurs deserve partners that they know they can count on, that have their back, and that can help navigate alongside them through all stages of business.


Our goal is to meet our clients where they are. We listen with the intent to partner with you, to construct the pieces of support around your business where you need us and stepping back when you don’t.


Without you, we can’t do what we do, so we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Denise O'Donnell

Denise O’Donnell

Denise O’Donnell is the Founder and CEO of SCOPE. An innovative and modern CFO who earned her first Vice President/CFO position at 26-years old, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge from the accounting and business world to the table. In previous roles, Denise held governance, inventory control, financial reporting, capital investments and projections, budgets, grants, and revenue cycles to name a few. During her tenure, she has tenaciously strived for excellence in entrepreneurship. She led, designed, built, and implemented projects such as opening the State of Ohio’s inaugural Medical Marijuana Testing Lab, a Water Park, and a Distillery to name a few.

Andrew O'Donnell

Andrew O’Donnell

Andrew is the Co-Founder and President of Business Development at SCOPE. A bold and creative administrator, Andrew in an expert in communications, strategy, and customer service. He brings an understanding of the importance of planning, marketing to your target audience, and techniques for building relationships with your target audience. In 2022 Andrew is on track to become a master of cannabis.

Caitlin Headshot

Caitlin McKean

Caitlin is our Vice President of Media & Brand Strategy. With a great eye for detail and design, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in education as a qualified elementary school teacher. Caitlin understands the importance of collaboration and the advantages when sharing skillsets allows everyone to succeed.

Our Values

1. Service Comes First

At SCOPE, we believe that success is born by executing our customers’ vision and solving their needs in the most economical, efficient, and transparent way possible.

2. Our Company is Your Company

You have a voice, and it is valued. At SCOPE, we solve all problems as a team, so if you have an issue, we want to hear it. It will allow us to provide a solution or allow us to make an internal improvement.

3. We vs. Me – It’s Bigger Than Us!

We are champions of we vs. me and work to execute with equity and empathy in everything that we do.

4. Notable Listening

A team of active listeners who focus on understanding your needs.

5. Never Afraid and Always Innovating

At SCOPE, we compete against ourselves, and being the best isn’t enough for us. We strive to be your proactive partner at the forefront of innovation in finance and operations.

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