Our Vision

SCOPE provides value to clients by anticipating what happens next providing stellar solutions alongside superior service.

Our Mission

SCOPE creates strategic visibility into your business so that you can see a clear pathway to make more intentional and informed business decisions around your money, people, and systems to increase revenue, cash flow, and profit.

Our Message

SCOPE believes in the power of authenticity. We do our best work when we feel happy in our environment, and it is our aim to transfer that feeling of ease and comfort to our clients so that they, too, can do their best work knowing that the C-suite finance and operations components are being taken care of. 

SCOPE offers elite C-Suite services, with a finite focus on 3 pillars: money, people, and systems.

  • CFO Services
  • COO Services
  • Accounting
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Plans
  • Valley Payment Solutions

Our Services

What Services We Offer

CFO Services

SCOPE’s Founder and CEO has 7+ years of valuable industry experience as a CFO and 12+ years in the accounting sector. We can help guide you through those crucial business decisions!

COO Services

COO Services

Whether you need an immediate, temporary, or long-term placement SCOPE customizes a virtual or fractional COO solution that achieves your CEO’s vision.

SCOPE Accounting


Partnering with SCOPE for your accounting needs is like having your own accounting department without the expense. Our team can handle your accounting so that you can do more of what you love, running your business!

Business Plans

Creating a business plan to share with your team? SCOPE can work with you to create a plan tailored to your internal audience to execute and achieve your company’s goals.

Tax Planning

File your taxes and leverage expert tax strategies with SCOPE. We always think you can save more on taxes,

Business Consulting

Look into the future with customized reports driven by your company key performance indicators (“KPIs”) that matter to your organization. SCOPE can analyze and provide a report back to you that analyzes what part of your business is working and what is not.

Valley Payment Solutions

Valley Payment Solutions will work with you to help determine your needs and implement a solution that works for your business and your budget.


Kickstart 2023

Kickstart your 2023 with us! ✈️💵
Going into the final quarter isn’t a time to slow down. 😴💤
Begin preparing your budget and goals now so that you and your business can become Financially Fit and Healthy in the new year! 🏋️💰
To help with this we are offering 3 months of CFO services in November, December and January for an offer price of $500! 👨‍💻

SCOPE Collaboration with White Wolf CPA Services

SCOPE is proud to announce its collaboration with White Wolf CPA. White Wolf CPA specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs navigate taxes and accounting.

They work with the following individuals and businesses: Massage Therapists | Yoga Instructors | Contractors | Real Estate Agents | Artists | Car Specialization | cafes | Wellness Centers | Non-Profit Associations


What Clients Say About Us

Denise helped me through so much. I got her to do my business plan and then she helped me through all my steps of setting up the business too. I now have my LLC, and my business plan is done. I have a budget and forecasted numbers, my funding is in place, and I’m ready to get to the part I love, opening my business!


I worked with Denise at SCOPE and she went above and beyond. I haven’t had much luck finding good people that know what I’m looking for in the past. She helped me set up my chart of accounts and get my QuickBooks cleaned up quickly, and then explained everything! Considering using SCOPE for other needs we have!


Changed for Square to SCOPE Payment Solutions and instantly noticed I was paying less on fees for my salon services. I use Quickbooks and SCOPE helps me do all of my accounting and taxes as I am not the best at it. They explained it all to me and I can see it in the system. So glad I changed my stuff over.


Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

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    The Power of a Second in Command: Why CEOs Need a COO

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  • CFOs Should Impact More Than Just The Books: A Conversation with SCOPE’s CEO on her take of ‘The Modern CFO’

    CFOs Should Impact More Than Just The Books: A Conversation with SCOPE’s CEO on her take of ‘The Modern CFO’

    Did you know that only 10% of companies recognize their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as a finance only function?  If only 10% of businesses have a CFO that solely focuses on finance, what are the other 90% of CFOs up to?  We decided to talk with our SHE-E-O, and Founder, Denise, about her take on what it means…

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  • Student Loan Forgiveness – Will it affect my taxes?

    Student Loan Forgiveness – Will it affect my taxes?

    We will keep this as simple as possible. On any given day that you have a debt forgiven, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), treats it as taxable income. Debt forgiveness amounts get reported on form 1099-C and added to your gross income on the tax return of year received.  Q. Federal Student Loan forgiveness is technically a forgiveness of a debt, correct?  A. Yes.  Q. Does that mean I…

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